Aluminum Signature Series (ALS) Magic Trail Aluminum Bunk Trailers

ALUMINUM SIGNATURE SERIES (ALS) MAGIC TRAIL - ALUMINUM BUNK TRAILERS Standard Features Include - Aluminum I-Beam construction, Aluminum deep V cross-members, Galvanized axles, adjustable undercarriage on single axles, Galvanized spoke wheel, Stainless steel bearing protectors, Dacromet hubs, SS spindle seal, Diamond deck plate teardrop load bearing fenders, Aluminum step pads, Carpeted Cypress bunks, Submersible L.E.D. lighting with cover, Winch stand, heavy duty winch and strap with boy eye safety chain, Tongue jack, PVC covered Galvanized tubing upright guides, Non-marking bow stop rollers, bells and bumpers, stainless steel and Galvanized fasteners, Heavy Duty adjustable keel pad on front forward cross-member, Heat shrink wire connectors, coil safety cables standard (up to 10,000lbs) safety chains over 10,000lbs. FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY!

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